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18 September 2006

Feeling Lucky

I know I've always been fortunate when it comes to the people who love and take care of me... My parents for example have almost always given me everything I needed or wanted, even my grandparents, aunts and uncles have always given priority to my requests or "lambing". But the most recent person who has given me such attention is Charlie...

Lately, I realize that I am truly lucky to have been able to find someone like him... I may not always appreciate the things that he does for me, I may even get irritated with his shortcomings sometimes but it all boils down to one thing... and that is HE LOVES ME! and I in return love him too... with everything that I have experienced lately, all the lab tests and whatnot, I want him to know that I may not be the most demonstrative person but my love for him increases everyday. As we both discover little (or big) things about each other, I will continue to appreciate him for what he is and most especially for his patience with me and his understanding of a novice wife.

Having said that... here goes another kwento:

Yesterday, I had another appointment with my OB. Charlie, my ever-loving husband went with me (the Doctor only asked me to bring my hubby's CBC and urinalysis but not necessarily bring the hubby also, but Charlie insisted that he come with me). Feeling elated that Charlie wanted to come, I cooked his favorite breakfast: Fried rice, danggit and sunny-side ups.

and so after the hearty breakfast, we finished several chores at the house first before walking to the hospital (yes, we are fortunate enough to get a house within walking distance from a hospital, a church and a wet market). When we got there, Charlie was the only man there but if he felt uncomfortable he didn't show any indications that he was. During the consultation with the doctor, he was super-interested with what the Doctor was saying, he even asked a couple of questions and answered the Doctor's queries without qualms. He even offered to have a semen analysis but the Doctor said that she wants to concentrate first on the well-being of my reproductive organ since most likely, my hormones are still adjusting to the stoppage of my steroid intake (due to Asthma). Besides, my menstrual cycle has always been out of whack, so... Anyways, this morning I had another set of Blood chem (FBS, GOLDT2, Prolactin, T3, T4 & TSH) and tomorrow morning I have to undergo Transvaginal Ultrasound. Good thing, I was able to come to work today kasi tomorrow, medyo malabo kasi I don't know what time matapos yung ultrasound sa UST plus slightly malayo na from work yun kaya baka di na lang ako pasok. Haaaay! Sana everything turns out ok...

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Rainier & Katrina said...

Wow! Kaka-gutom naman ng breakfast... Yum!yum! Take care