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20 August 2006

Turning 32

Wow, how time flies… It seems just like yesterday when my Dad and I danced on my debut and now as some would say “Wala na ako sa kalendaryo”! Well, I can’t say that the years were wasted, since my 18th birthday a lot has happened, I graduated from college, I have bummed out for almost a year at home after that, I have worked in several companies before doing what I do now, I have had my heart broken, and of course the recent development… as most of my friends (both in real life and in the blogging world) know… I found the man that made me say “I do” and made me his wife!

So now, I am 32. This day got me completely exhausted. After going to the church, Malyn and I went to the grocery to buy supplies for the small get-together and then went on home to prepare right away. Mind you I just cooked spaghetti and chicken lollipops but it sure tired me out. My family came at around 3pm (amidst the heavy rains) and we immediately proceeded to wipe out the food I prepared. They brought my absolute favorite cake “Coffee Crunch” from Red Ribbon which of course made my day, and my husband who had to go to work on overtime came at around 6pm to do the cleanup so I could rest early. All in all, it was a very happy day and I would endure the tiring preparations over and over just so I could be with the people I love! Besides, It’s a holiday tomorrow and my hubby and I get to sleep in until noon!

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