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03 December 2006

Long, Busy Weekend

Thursday (Nov. 30)

I did not go to work, instead I went with Malyn (Charlie's cousin) to Zapote where we ordered bamboo blinds that we would line our cement fence with and a couple of cypress plants. I'm really focusing on making a small "garden" in front of our apartment before the holidays since most of our "parties" would be held outside. Then we went to Makro-Las PiƱas to buy a couple of single sofa beds for guests who would sleepover. But when Charlie texted that they were dismissed early from work and decided to follow us at Makro, the sofa bed idea got junked and instead we bought a new mattress for our bed so the old one could be used by guests. Then my uncle Andrew (but we call him Tito Boy) texted us that he would also go to Makro so we met up there then our group convoyed back to our apartment, ate late lunch (it was already around 2pm) then used Tito Boy's car to go gift shopping at Alabang Town Center. We were not able to buy any gifts though since the Tiangge at the middle isn't complete yet instead, Charlie and Tito Boy ended up buying shirts that were on sale at Olympic Village. When we got home, my youngest sister Mae was already there (for her weekend sleepover) with Malyn. I cooked beef with broccoli and all five of us had dinner before Tito Boy went home.

Friday (Dec. 1)

Since it was a holiday, Charlie wanted us to go out (basically because our noisy neighbors were at their noisiest again) so we went to SM Southmall with Mae & Malyn. I was able to buy gifts for my some of my inaanak as well as several plant pots and a new cutlery set. Charlie insisted that I buy my Christmas gift to him already so I bought him a pair of rubber shoes. I also bought a cute red bag for Mae and other trinkets at Egg.

Saturday (Dec. 2)

I woke up a bit later than usual, I was feeling pretty tired plus I think I ate something that upset my stomach because I was nauseous for a while. Mae and Malyn were already up so I had to quickly prepare breakfast for them (pancakes, fried eggs & bacon) and fix Charlie's baon for work. The bamboo blinds that I ordered were delivered after lunch but we couldnt install it right away because it was so hot outside. We just lazed around inside the house and watched DVDs. It was already around 4pm when my dad arrived to pick up Mae but before they went home, he helped me install the bamboo blinds and the kitchen utensils holder above the sink. I was replanting the last couple of plants when Charlie arrived with his co-worker Bong to place a "stand" for our refrigerator.

Sunday (Dec. 3)

It was laundry day for me since I was not able to do the laundry yesterday. I was feeling tired and irritable by lunch time that Charlie asked me if we could go out again. I was trying to refuse and was telling him that I wanted to just sleep the rest of the day but he was so insistent that we ended up going to SM Sucat. It was there that I found out that I was going to get my Christmas present early too. He bought me a 21" Sanyo Flat Screen TV for our room. Hehehe! I was bugging him about a TV for our room for several months already but he said that we didn't really need it since we already have a TV downstairs. And just when I was already giving up on the idea, my wonderful husband buys me the TV! Thanks honey! I love you!

So that's that! Tomorrow's another work day... haaaay! Sana weekend na ulit!

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