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26 September 2006

The Verdict

I feel so helpless. I just got back from the OB and she confirmed that I have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). When we (Charlie and I) first came to my current OB’s clinic she already explained to me the possible reasons why I have an irregular menstruation and one of the reasons she sited was PCOS so even before I went for my TVS I already googled PCOS and found out a lot about it. So when the doctor said it was what was found out in my TVS, I was dumbfounded. I wasn’t even able to say anything when the doctor gave me my new medication and asked if I had any questions. It was so surreal. All the while I was under the misconception that the only reason why my monthly period wasn’t so monthly was because of the medications I was taking for my Asthma (which was probably true for some cases according to the Endocrinologist I consulted before). Granted that I wasn’t asked to undergo TVS before but I would have gone through it had my former OB requested me to. Former OB said it was just that my hormones weren’t in their normal levels because of my Asthma medicines. So before I even got married (around 8 or so months) I asked my Doctor (Pulmonologist) if could stop taking my maintenance meds for Asthma and when he gave me the thumbs up, I gradually stopped taking them and just took extra care not to get allergies again. Fortunately I have not had any major attacks for the past 16 months. I was thinking, hey, I could do this, I am doing this so I would have a better chance of having a baby. So when my current OB (I only switched OBs because I want one nearer to our house now) gave me “the verdict” I was super disappointed. Even my own research indicated that it would not be as easy to conceive when you have PCOS and that there is still no specific cure, only medications that might help.

I am still optimistic. I have not lost hope though… I will take the medications religiously, will do as I was told. I will be the epitome of an ideal patient – obedient and trusting. I will continue to pray. I will enjoy my time with my husband. I will relax and let things be. I will do all these because I don’t want pressure nor stress to factor in on the already complicated situation I am in.


Ruy and Liv said...

Hugs for you girl. I was diagnosed with PCOS as well you know? Tapos I've been taking my pills pero guess what preggy pa rin ako now. God is just waiting for the perfect time for you...Girl baka gusto mo nang second opinion. Yung Endocrinologist ko na nagpagaling sa akin (and sa aunt ko) pwede ko irrecommend sayo!

Ann said...

yaiks... I was alarmed about your post. I've been taking medications din kasi for my skin asthma for 3 months already. Pero regular naman ung cycle ko. Don't worry sis, everything will turn out ok. God is good... Before Chrstmas meron ka na baby. :)

cez said...

hi heidi! a fellow nawie here (just bloghopped from your post in naw)...

anyway, just wanted to share with you that i also have pcos. true, wala talagang cure for it. sabi nga, it's treatable but not cureable. but don't lose hope. alam mo ba, i was diagnosed with pcos 5 yrs before i even got married. back then, i already knew that i will be having a hard time conceiving. lalo pa na i was prescribed to take birth control pills to regulate my period and to avoid adding to the cysts i already have in my ovaries. hay! pero ngayon, i have a 1 1/2 year old daughter. she came after a year of trying and after months of fertility work-ups with my ob-gyne. actually, na-conceive nga sya nung nagdecide ako to stop my work-ups. i let go and just let God. ayun! na-preggy din ako!

so don't lose hope. all in God's will :)

ps - sorry, napahaba na. hehehe :P