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18 March 2008

Working for a Living

These are the times when I wish that I am just a stay-at-home wife... workload seems to be extra heavy these past couple of days as there are reports, left and right that I have to accomplish before the Thursday-Friday holidays. Not to mention the report that has already been lined up for when we go back to work on Monday! Oh, and that's not all... the airconditioning in my office has yet to be installed and the summer heat is already starting to make it's presence be felt! But these are just ramblings of a tired and grumpy person (that's me!) Of course, I appreciate the fact that because both me and hubby are working, we were able to take on a housing loan and we will be able to move in to that house in several months... that we don't rely on anybody else for our expenses... and most of all, that we are able to afford the things we need and even some luxuries (provided it doesn't make such a huge dent on our savings that we are alotting for the renovations of our new house!)... haay, life...

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AiDiSan said...

Hi Heidi,

Sometimes I feel the same way. I wish that I'm a full time mom to be able to prepare my kids in school and assist them in doing their homework all the time. However, this isn't possible at this time, just like you, my hubby & I are working on saving money to finance our simple dream house.

Please share some photos of your house once you move there.