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27 March 2008

Following Instructions

I guess I belong to a group who believes in giving other people the benefit of the doubt. I mean when I give out instructions to fill out certain forms and make a report, I believe I am giving such to responsible and educated people who will be able to accomplish them with ease. This is precisely the reason why I am irritated with the reports that were submitted to me... I mean, you'd think if they didn't understand the instructions they would at least call my attention and ask... but no! They proceded to make their own interpretations and do the reports haphazardly! Haay! Now I have to redo everything and double check each and every entry! Why?! Why do they make my office life so hard?
In an office environment (or mostly everywhere, actually) being able to follow instructions is an asset. It would be beneficial to everyone if only people were to follow rules and regulations. We would probably be living in a less polluted, less complicated world if that were the case. But let's be realistic, there really are people who seem to be physically and mentally incapable of following rules and I cannot change that... what's bugging me is when people who are supposed to be well trained in the jobs that they are assigned do not deliver what is expected of them just because they don't listen when they are given specific instructions. Haay... I don't know what else to say... I have said my piece, I know this will not be the last that this is going to happen, I just hate it when I have to repeat everything just because other people are irresponsible!

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Maeyo said...

I totally feel for you Heidi. I too feel that way sometimes. Haaayy... Let it be. Di sila worth any wrinkles that we may get from getting stressed over it. :)

Cheer up!