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14 March 2008

Movie Night

Last night, hubby went on overtime at work so I was left alone at home... needless to say, I spent my time watching HBO while waiting for Charlie to come home. I chanced upon World Trade Center by Oliver Stone... At first I thought it was boring and the story was slow moving as opposed to what I was expecting when I thought of watching a movie about a devastating event. Oh, and yes folks, it's my first time to watch it because for some reason, hubby and I didn't get to watch it when it was shown in movie theaters... come to think of it, it's been a while since we've watched a movie! Anyways, back to World Trade, it turned out to be a touching tale. The real tearjerker part for me was when the men were carrying out the rescued policeman out of the ruins in a long line, and the part when John's wife was talking to another woman in the hospital while waiting for news of her husband's rescue. It truly is an example of how people can be so good to one another when times get rough. And how men can unite and work without waiting for something in return to help others in need.

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