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08 March 2008

Saturday Self Portrait #1

I've decided that every Saturday, I will post a self-portrait. Something that I am busy at for the day... And since today I have not gone out of our bedroom eversince I finished doing the laundry...

ordering a super late lunch

I ordered food from McDonald's Delivery Service online since it's already 3pm and I have yet to eat lunch. This is what happens when you leave me alone with a pc and an internet connection! I have to take my meds and I haven't eaten anything yet... yikes! If I didn't check my cellphone for text messages (because our landline is still on the blink! Grrr!) then I wouldn't have read my husband's text message asking me if I've eaten lunch already then I would not even know that it's way past lunch time already!

P.S. I know my PC area is a mess... It's not always like that, I just don't have the energy to clean right now. (excuses, excuses!)

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