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24 March 2008

Monster Monday

I woke up this morning from a scary dream, I can't remember the details except for a few bits and pieces but I remember suddenly becoming aware that it was just a nightmare and a feeling of relief came over me...

Anyways, it's always hard going back to the usual work week after long weekends, actually I tend to think, it should be longer... boy, do I wish for a vacation right about now... But here I am back to work... back to the paperwork that needs to be done, back to the endless filing of documents, back to the room without an airconditioning unit! Summer heat is already making its presence be felt and who more to feel it than me? I sure hope I don't get an asthma attack soon because I don't want to be burdened with more work after a sick leave! Haay, why do I always feel that whenever I go to work on mondays, there's a monster lurking behind the door of my office? It's because we don't have a janitor on our floor these days and I'd have to do the cleaning all by myself! And the dust, could very well be a monster for someone with asthma like me! As if I don't get enough cleaning chores at home, I have to have cleaning chores at work too?! And today is specially more dirty because of the long weekend and my imagination is running even more wild than usual because of the nightmare I woke up with! Anyway, this is just another way of me venting out my feelings... now I'll be doing a little bloghopping during coffee break to relax my mind and be entertained by reading other bloggers' posts. And then it's back to work!

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