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20 March 2008

Time Well Spent

This morning Charlie and I woke up really late as this is the first time in a long time that we are able to sleep in during the week... I know we are supposed to go on fasting but we just couldn't help ourselves but have a wonderful lunch together (Charlie and I cooked together), we'll just have to lay off meat tomorrow. Besides, the priest (sorry Father, I forgot your name) said during mass yesterday that when one commemorate the holy days, they should do so without having to make so much an effort and without having to show it to other people. When you lay off meat, the premise is that when you do so the money that you saved by buying fish instead (which is supposed to be cheaper), you should donate to a less fortunate person. But these days the price of fish and other seafood could very well be more expensive than that of pork or chicken! Hmmm... I guess times really have changed! Anyways back to my day with hubby... after lunch we sat and talked about our plans for the future... the move that we are making to our new house (or not -- more details later), the next step we are to take in this trying to conceive thing, the option of adopting which has always been a toping floating in the air but we have not talked about "in full force", the financial worries, etc. Before you know it, it was already 3pm and we were wondering where the time went... But it has been a long time since we have sat down and talked seriously about stuff, and today's time together was really time well spent!

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