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13 March 2008

The Letter "I"

C.A. "t'que" (girl you have got to tell me your nick name because this C.A. thing sounds so "robot-y", hehehe!) tagged me with this, thanks!

  • I AM… transparent (what you see is what you get!)

  • I WANT… to be a mother someday (hopefully soon!)

  • I HAVE… a constant hunger for something new to learn

  • I WISH… i could become a stay-at-home-wife someday (in the distant future pa!)

  • I HATE… ironing the clothes (and sometimes even doing the laundry, hehehe!)

  • I FEAR… losing or being away from loved ones.

  • I SEARCH… for time to do everything that needs my attention.

  • I WONDER… why some mothers can abandon their children.

  • I REGRET… having said the things that i say when i am angry (that's why i try to stay quiet as much as possible when i am in that state)

  • I LOVE… life and everything that God blessed me with.

  • I ALWAYS… make it a point to stay in touch with my family, even if i don't live with them anymore.

  • I AM NOT… outgoing (i actually prefer staying at home)

  • I DANCE... with hubby at home all the time (more comical than romantic) or when I'm alone and I feel like it.

  • I SING… whenever i feel like it, although more to myself than out loud, hehehe!

  • I CRY… when i get hurt (physically or emotionally)

  • I WRITE… all the time, i'm a journalling kind of girl!

  • I WON… lots of friends either in cyberspace or in real life over the years.

  • I AM CONFUSED… by lots of things but then, who isn't?

  • I NEED… to be more disciplined and have better time management.

  • I SHOULD… exercise more!

THE LAST THOUGHT I GO TO SLEEP WITH IS… "Thank you, Lord for this day, and if you decide to give me one more tomorrow, please guide me so I could live it in accordance to Your will."

I'm passing the tag to: Mhay, Toni, Meng, Anne and Vivek

1 comment:

C.A. aka "t'que" said...

naku sis, C.A. is my initials and tque (ti-ke) is my nick with my friends. why C.A.? i dont like my name kaya initials na lang. usually sa mga nd ko kilala nagugulat sa palayaw ko dhl kakaiba daw. lagi ko nman silang binibiro kng ano ibig sabihin... like "cash advance" or "california"! hehe!

thanks 4 doing d tag :)