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04 September 2007


A lot has happened since my last post... lots of confusing events occured that might cause a series of more confusing happenings in the future. At work, I only have until the middle of this month, not exactly to decide because it really isn't up to me anymore, to wait and see what my future will bring me career-wise. I still don't know if I would get promoted and transferred to a different department or will I be retained in my current post or worst yet, if I would get transferred to a different department much more demanding in terms of work-load without promotion nor additional compensation. What's a girl to do? I am not one of those whatever happens, devil may care kind of girl... I worry about things like this... I worry that if worse comes to worst, I might have to resign and find employment somewhere else. But this would be the absolute last resort that I would go to because I already hold a regular/permanent position now and although the work is not as rewarding as others, still having security of tenure is a big plus.

There are also several other confusing occurences in my life lately that I don't have the guts to elaborate for fear of stirring up the calm I currently feel after the turbulence of the past several days. I don't want to open up old wounds... and deep wounds they are. If I talk about it I would remember the pain and confusion again and I can't go through that just yet. As for the cryptic post prior to this one, it's a definite NO already... The time has not yet come for me to yell "SUCCESS!" (a more detailed post about this to come later).

All in all the last week of August and the first two days of September proved to be difficult for me. I have not lost hope though... I continue to be optimistic that this is just a passing phase... several bad days that shouldn't even be given that much attention considering the many good years that God has blessed me with.

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