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28 September 2007

Pitch Black

Yesterday, while I was browsing around National Bookstore a series of books at the young adults section caught my eye. Mainly because of the different colors which are in about the same stripes as each other. Then as I came for a closer look, the titles caught my interest. Torch Red, Pitch Black, Fool's Gold, etc. anyways I bought only two... Black and Gold. Last night as I was waiting for Charlie to come home I read Pitch Black and finished it in one sitting (about an hour and a half). It's basically for teenagers, but I liked it. In fact I decided to complete the series and make it part of my book collection. It's not your typical pa-tweetums teeny bopper novel. It imparts Christian values that is badly needed by today's young generation. I would greatly recommend it to my younger sisters and nieces and even nephews.

This particular book (which is #4 in the series, I didn't even notice that there were numbers until I was about to start reading the novel na!) deals with a teenager's way in dealing with the confusing things that are happening with her. First off, her parents broke up, then her brother is doing drugs, then her mother started dating and has decided to marry a boy half her age and to make matters worse, her best friend who seemed like a "together" kind of guy committed suicide.

If you are in the market for a simple yet touching kind of book for a teenager or even for an adult who appreciates a variety of reading material then this book is for you. Besides, at five centavos shy of two hundred pesos, it's a reasonable buy.

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