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13 September 2007

Bountiful Breakfast Bliss

boun•ti•ful (boun'tə-fəl)
1. Giving freely and generously; liberal.
2. Marked by abundance; plentiful.

break•fast (brĕk'fəst)
The first meal of the day, usually eaten in the morning.

bliss (blĭs)
Extreme happiness; ecstasy.
The ecstasy of salvation; spiritual joy.

bountiful breakfast bliss
Credits: Autumn Harmony QP4 by Anita Designs; Dinner Party Chalk “delish” & “yum” by Sara Carling

Today's breakfast caused me to alliterate. I love Amira's Chicken Tarts (actually I like all their tarts but their chicken tarts' my absolute favorite!). Yesterday, my ninang gave me a box of chicken tarts (9 pcs. per box) and 3 pcs. of apple tarts. Of course I didn't waste any time and ate two chicken tarts before the boxed pasalubong even reached our house. Then Charlie took three chicken tarts and two apple tarts for packed merienda or brunch or whatever (basta binaon nya to work today) so I decided to eat the same for my breakfast. Coupled with my favorite Jasmine Tea... it's heavenly! Nyahahaha! And to think I'm super ecstatic over something as trivial as breakfast! Hehehe! Basta I feel so chipper this morning and short of thinking I'm bordeline psychotic with the constant mood swings, I just choose to think that I'm just happy to be able to start the day with my favorite food to eat (and drink!).

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