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17 September 2007

Rainy Days and Mondays

The day started a bit gloomy for me, I didn't get enough sleep because Charlie's sick. He's been suffering with cough and colds for almost a week now but yesterday, he had a slight fever and was complaining of aching joints and muscles so after lunch I told him to take a quick hot shower and I gave him a whole body massage using a minty liniment (I don't know the name because it's in chinese, it was given to me by one of my superiors at work after a trip to China & Singapore) He fell asleep naman agad and said he can breath easy again (before the massage kasi he said his nose was clogged na so he couldn't breath na). When he woke up at around 5pm I fed him hot chicken and vegetable soup and saltines. I proceeded to iron our uniforms for the week and then prepare for dinner na at around 8pm. I just re-heated our ulam for lunch -- pork asado. After dinner we watched DVD in our room while I massage his head kasi he still has a slight headache daw. Then I keep waking up through the night to pat his back because he coughs really loud and hard every 15 mins. or so... Then this morning, it was raining hard and I told him not to go to work na lang kasi he could not use his motorcycle naman dahil nga it's raining but after taking a bath and eating breakfast, the rain let up and he decided to go to work na rin. Hay naku, hirap din kasi he's super sipag when it comes to his work kaya kahit may slight nararamdaman pa sya, he still insists on going. That's why nga today, I feel like singing "... rainy days and mondays always make me sad..."

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