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10 September 2007

Mission Accomplished!

This weekend was a very fruitful one for us...
I was able to go home early last friday because there was a fogging scheduled at around 3pm at the office. I was already home by 3:30 and decided to clean up around the house and fold the clothes that have been waiting since monday night on top of the bed in the spare room. By 7pm I decided to order for food delivery, so we could celebrate Charlie's birthday on the day itself even with just a simple meal. And so when hubby came home at around 8pm, the food has just arrived (Good timing ako kasi I know how slow this resto's delivery is!) The after dinner kwento is for PG13 na or baka R pa so on to the next day na tayo. Saturday was an unusually early start for me because I had to meet up with the agent of the house that we're thinking of buying in Imus, Cavite. After seeing the house again and being assured of several concerns, I had a unit reserved for us already and paid 5K as reservation fee (ok lang kasi deductible naman sa total downpayment) With all the papers that I had to fill up and the traffic it was already 1pm when I got home. Dad was already waiting for me and has started cooking the papaitan and chicken feet which charlie requested as pulutan for his drinking session with our neighbors and several of my officemates who were also his friends. Charlie arrived at around 6pm and after freshening himself up immediately started the drinking session with our neighbors. At around 7pm my officemates arrived and although I was already suffering from migrane at the time (maybe because of the heat I suffered during the traffic earlier that day) I sat with them and exchanged stories with them because Charlie was moving from one table to another (hehehe, does that mean he's drinking twice as much as the others?). Hubby and my officemates were all praises for me for having reserved the house already and being able to prepare the documents needed to acquire a housing loan from pag-big within the day (well except of course for the two documents that I need to get signed by my superiors at the office). The beer party ended at around 1am. The next day, we got up at around 9am and after a quick breakfast Charlie was kind enough to do the laundry (on this own) while I started the preparations for the family lunch. I cooked kare-kare (charlie's favorite), mechado (my favorite) and buttered shrimp. Everyone was present except for my only brother. All in all, the lunch party was a success, my family left at around 5pm and charlie and I proceeded to church for the 6pm mass. After that, I ironed our uniform for the week but left the rest of the clean clothes in the hamper to be ironed next week na lang because I feel so tired na by the time I finished with the uniforms. Haay! this weekend was truly fruitful... imagine, I was able to reserve a house, and prepare for two celebrations for my husband's birthday.

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