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24 September 2007

Hasta La Vista, Uncle Jessie

I know I have been remiss at updating my blog this past week but I have a valid and sad reason for that... My Uncle Jessie, my mom's younger brother passed away last Thursday, September 20, 2007. He has been undergoing Hemodialysis for the past 19 months and then last Monday, after his usual dialysis schedule, he was supposed to have gone for check up about his foot which was aching due to a wound that has not healed for the past couple of months (he's diabetic) when the doctors adviced them that he needs to get confined because aside from the aching foot, he had difficulty breathing. On Wednesday, he was brought to PGH for angiogram and subsequently, when it was found out that two tubes going to the heart are blocked, he underwent angioplasty to unblock the said tubes. And although the doctor said that there was still a risk of cardiac arrest while of immediately after this procedure, he seemed fine after that even my aunt Viring with whom Uncle Jessie stays with and is responsible for all the medical treatments he's getting, said that although Uncle Jessie was screaming that he didn't want to live anymore, she was sure that it was just the after effects of the anesthesia and that when he comes out of it, it looks like he was going to be fine. He was brought back to Perpetual Hospital and was confined at the ICU. Thursday was a different story though... Uncle Jessie took a turn for the worse and by late afternoon, the medications which were dripping through an IV were stopped and a priest was called. By nightfall, after having seen his two sons, Uncle Jessie closed his eyes and went to better place... a place where he would suffer no more, a place where all his pain will go away, place where he could truly rest in peace. Yesterday, before his body was put to the ground, the priest who said the mass said that it is wrong to say goodbye during times like these because we are not truly saying goodbye, we should just say "hasta la vista" or see you later because each one of us will eventually see each other sooner or later... in that place called heaven. So I say this to you uncle jessie, thank you for watching over us and yes... we'll see you later!

Credits: ribboned frame by Petit Moineaux

P.S. I was late in publishing this... I have saved the draft last monday (today is wednesday already) but for some reason I keep getting an error message whenever I try to publish.

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