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26 September 2007

Nice Matters Award

"This award is for those who are just nice people, good blogfriends, and those who inspire good feelings and inspiration! Those who care about others, who are there to lend support, or those who are just a positive influence in our blogging world"

Mhay and Jhona were bighearted enough to present such an award to me. I'll have to admit it's my first award in the blogging word. I have never really paid attention to such things before but having read this:

Heidi of Winged Words is another nice person that I have had the privilege of getting to know (at least thru blogosphere). I could sense a good individual in her. I always enjoy the variety of things she has and posts she writes at her blog.

made me want to bestow upon others the honor that was given to me as well, so here goes...

1> Ann of Chronicles of Pasawife seems to me like a lively, happy, energetic person. She reminds me of a younger version of me (yikes, writing that made me feel older than I really am). She and I are like kindred spirits who have yet to see each other face to face. She's more of a younger sister who has touched my heart in so many levels already by means of just reading her posts and her comments on my blog.

2> Raquel of Memories Frozen in Time is a very recent acquaintance (thru blogging) but I so enjoy reading her posts because it seems like she really pours her heart and soul with each word she publishes.

3> Thet of Life:Half Empty-Half Full caught my attention with her former blogskin, which was really an eye-catcher! But upon reading her posts, I feel like she's a good person hiding behind a tough exterior.

4> Kathy of Buhay Misis just strikes me as a down-to-earth, no frills kind of person and I feel like given the chance to see each other in person, we could be very good friends. I just sense a connection there somehow... she makes me feel comfortable and welcome.

5> Cheryl of Taking the Plunge Together is one of those people whom I have only communicated through the internet yet feels like a long lost friend. She's really very easy to talk to. And although she has not updated her blog for quite a long time now, I feel like she deserves this award as well.

So there... I have chosen the next awardees, may you spread the word of nice matters award and continue to be the friendly, helpful and good bloggers that you are.


Ann said...

Oh Heidi, that's so sweet of you. Thanks for the award :) I'm so touched!

Heidi said...

what can I say sis, except... it's from the bottom of my heart :-D

ruther said...

hi sis..salamat naman for the award..actually dati nung di pa ako active sa blogging lagi kong visit tong blog mo... mejo nalito lang ako kasi ibang name ung web addy.. :)