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31 October 2008

Mushroom Burger

Food Friday

Yesterday afternoon, my youngest sister, Mae texted me that they (My Mom, Dad and her together with a couple of my Aunts) were on their way to Tagaytay to look for a plant to add to my Aunt's already wide variety of collection. I wanted so much to come but since I had work, I was unable to. And then later, Mae texted me again that they were near Mushroom Burger already... and so I texted her back that if they came home without a "pasalubong" from MB for me, I would really, really be disappointed! Nyahahaha! It worked! Last night, I had a King Mushroom Burger straight from Tagaytay!

I have only good memories associated with this burger... As a child, we would always stop at the Mushroomburger joint whenever we're near it... On our way to visit my Aunt's family who lives in Batanggas, when we go to Tagaytay for day trips, or whatever. Basta, I have happy recollections when I think about eating a mushroom burger. Haaay, plus it's so sarap pa!


maiylah said...

my family and I love Mushroom Burger, too! we used to live in Mendez (Cavite) and so going to Tagaytay then was so much easier ... Mushroom Burger is here in West Avenue (Quezon City), too, but we seldom visit the place. iba pa rin pag dun sa Tagaytay. :D

thanks for joining, Heidi!
have added your site to the food friday blogroll on Maiylah's Snippets, my other blog. :)

congratulations on the pregnancy! happy weekend, and take care! :)

Maeyo said...

WOW! YUMMY!!! I miss Mushroom Burger!!! Kakainggit. :)

♡u8mypinkc00kies♡ said...

yummm.. we'd always buy this when i was younger.