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01 October 2008

Lazy Day

Today, being a holiday and all... I didn’t wake up until I really, really had to go to the bathroom already. And since my last nocturnal stroll was around 3:30am, I was able to “hold it” until around 11am. After the usual morning rituals, I immediately prepared “brunch” for me and my already super hungry husband (he only had coffee when he woke up at around 9am) and enjoyed a leisurely meal of tuna omelette, longganisa, fried rice and hot chocolate (a tall glass of ice cold softdrink, for hubby). And then after doing the dishes (while hubby cleans the house), here I am typing away at our PC as I wait for Charlie to finish taking a shower so I could take my turn at doing the same... We’re off to the mall today to do a bit of window shopping for baby stuff and maybe watch a movie. Yipee!


Ann said...

I can already sense your excitement ... window shopping for baby stuffs na ginagawa nyo. naku I'm suredi lang window shopping gagawin nyo, bibili ka na niyan. ganyan din kasi kami dati, window shopping tapos ending bibili na din kami hahaha.

AiDiSan said...

Hi Sis,

When you feel like going to the bathroom to urinate, don't suppress it no matter sound asleep or busy you maybe, it might lead to UTI, and preggy woman are prone with infection. Just a sisterly advise.

Take care fo yourself & the baby:)

Heidi said...

@ Ann ~ Super excited naman talaga ako everytime mabanggit ang shopping pero I really am trying to restrain myself from buying anything until I know the baby's gender, hahaha! Plus, baka mamulubi kami sa dami ng gusto ko bilhin!

@ Aidisan ~ Thanks for the tip... Kaya lang, too late... naprescribe na nga ako ng meds for the UTI nung last checkup ko e. I guess, I didn't allow myself to go the bathroom as much as I should have! :(