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14 October 2008

It's a...

Yesterday, Charlie and I took a leave of absence from our respective offices so we can go to my monthly prenatal checkup. I was also scheduled for an ultrasound so this appointment was specially exciting... I was going to find out if my baby was a boy or a girl. Of course there was also the chance that we might not be able to see due to the baby's position or something but I was really hopefull that we would sneak a peek so we could start buying baby stuff already. And there it was... It's a BOY! Yes folks, the OB announced that we are having a baby boy. It took quite a while before the Dra. Malit announced this because our little angel was quite active and continuously moving during the ultrasound but after a few minutes, it was determined that we are indeed having a baby boy. Needless to say, Charlie's face lit up like there were string upon string of christmas lights around him when this piece of information was divulged. He was so happy that his super early predictions (as in I was just a couple of months preggy when he said we were having a boy) proved to be correct! I was not able to scan the ultrasound photos yet but I'm happy to report that everything's going well with our baby and that he is continuously making me feel his presence by constantly kicking and shifting positions. As of now, he's still in breach position but my OB says it's ok for now because I'm just on my 6th month and the baby would most probably change positions as I near my due date.


Maeyo said...

I wonder if hubbies can really tell whether it would be a boy or a girl. My hubby predicted really early that we're having a girl. I was even betting on a boy for some reason that's how it felt for me. After our ultrasound, his predictions were proven correct too!

Don't worry about the breech position, it's very early for you. Our baby got us worried with that, then in the next appointment after the 31st week, she took the right position. Siguro sabi nya, masyado kaming atat, hindi pa nya time pumwesto eh. :)

Enjoy your pregnancy!!!

ceztlavie said...

hi heidi! sorry, now lang uli ako nakapag-bloghop. at syempre, now ko lang rin nalaman na you're finally preggy!

congrats! i'm so happy for you! and you're having a boy! i just had a boy myself last march :)

ingat ha! hope you have a safe pregnancy :)

Juliana said...

what a gift you have there: a boy! sige, you take care and enjoy the preggy ride hehe.


AiDiSan said...

I'm truly happy for you and Charlie.

It better you know the gender of your baby earlier so you know the baby stuff to buy.

Ann said...

weeeeeeeeeee another probable escort sa prom for Janna :) hihihi Congrats!

Heidi said...

@ Juliana ~ Hehehe! I really am trying to find enjoyment with this preggy ride... So even though it can be difficult sometimes, I am still focusing on the bright side!

@ Aidisan ~ I know, we've already started buying stuff, little by little... It's so exciting! Hahaha!

@ Ann ~ Wow! Very forward talaga ang thinking mo ha? Hahaha!