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20 October 2008

Busy Weekend

What I thought was going to be a relaxing and restful weekend turned out to be the exact opposite. Saturday morning started out normally enough with Charlie off to work by seven while I am still lingering on the sofa with my morning hot chocolate while reading a three-day-old newspaper (sorry, I don't usually read the paper, I get my daily dose of current information from the evening television news). And then my sister, Hazelle texted me inquiring as to what time I would be coming to our parents' house where we were supposed to meet before proceeding to the nearby mall so she could treat me to a meal at yellow cab. She just got her first paycheck from her new job at a call center in Mandaluyong and she promised me this treat a week ago so I replied that I would just take a bath and will immediately proceed to our meeting place. As it turned out, she was still at work when I arrived at our parents' house and so I had to wait for her for a couple of hours. While waiting, I played with Marian, my adorable neice, and when we both got tired, we fell asleep, hehehe! We (Me, my sisters, Hazelle and Mae) made it to the mall at around 3pm where we stuffed ourselves with New York's Finest Pizza which we gulped down with iced tea. By 4:30, we couldn't eat anymore and decided to take out the remaining slices of the 18" pizza and walk off the calories while window shopping. I was not able to restrain myself when I saw the adorable infant clothes and bought a tie-side shirt, pajamas, onesies, mittens and a matching cap and booties!

the baby stuff!

Charlie and Marian, posing before riding the bighorn which we used to go to my Grandma's birthday party.

The next day, Charlie had to do the laundry early in the morning (yes, eversince I got preggy, hubby has been doing the laundry while we still don't have help) because we were going to my Grandma's house for lunch to celebrate Inang Chayong's 90th birthday. The lunch prolonged until dinner as it has been a long time since we have had a get-together with my other cousins, Aunts and Uncles. When we arrived at our apartment at around 9pm on Sunday, Charlie and I were both so tired and ready for bed that I just ironed our Monday office attire and left the rest for the following day. The two days "rest" just wasn't enough to accomplish our weekend chores and have time left enough for R&R. But, tiring as it was, the weekend was quite a happy one... at least now, I could tick off several items from my baby shopping list and several of my cousins hinted at an impending baby shower for me...

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