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27 October 2008

Monday Madness

I was 5 minutes late today, hence I was not able to attend the flag ceremony. But that's not what's bothering me now... It's this freaking cough and colds I am suffering from! I have tons of work to finish here in the office plus several errands to run to during lunch break and I can't seem to stop sneezing or coughing! Oh and did I mention that everytime I cough my tummy aches and I wonder if my baby is still ok... hay...

Anyway, I had very little done over the weekend because I have been feeling sick since Friday afternoon so I have nothing much to report. Just did a much needed shoe shopping yesterday (since my old office shoes are getting their well-deserved rest for a couple of months now - they don't fit me right anymore plus I prefer flats nowadays) and had a bit of room re-arranging (with the help of my sister, Mae) so as to accommodate the coming of the crib for the baby. Oh yeah, did I mention that hubby had a change of mind recently? Before, we were so set on moving to the townhouse we were able to acquire through Pag-ibig Housing Loan by January of next year - right before the baby arrives. Now, he's saying we should stay at our current apartment for a while longer and wait until the baby is older before we move so we would still be a stone's throw away from my parents' home and look in on their grandson while we're at work. I know it makes a lot of sense, but our apartment is so cramped that I had to be super creative as to the furniture arrangement so we could fit in our baby's coming stuff! It's good that my sister is currently on her Semestral Break and she was able to help me with the moving of the larger pieces of furniture (Charlie had to work over the weekend). And then after the exhausting re-arrangement, I treated my sister (and myself) to a meal at Karate Kid where I really enjoyed the potato balls and the bottomless iced tea, hehehe!

Hmmm... now it's back to work for me so I could meet my deadlines! I just wish this blasted cough would go away really soon, so I could concentrate better.

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