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23 September 2008

The Return

Wow! Finally I'm able to update my blog... Anyways, thanks to all those who visit my blog and watch out for updates periodically... I have been itching to be able to update eversince I came back from my month-long leave from work in July but unfortunately, my internet connection at the office was suspended when I went on leave and it's only just now that I am able to get connected again!
Ok, first thing's first: About my pregnancy, everything going quite well... I am now 21 weeks preggy and although I am still having difficulty (like a bit of tummy pain and the occassional bout with morning, noon and night nausea) I am quite happy and content that my last check-up went well and I have stopped taking duphaston and am just now taking prenatal vitamins. My tummy is quite prominent already and people who see me often make it their business to guess my baby's gender. So far, a majority of the well-wishers and self-proclaimed "fortune-tellers" think that I am having a girl and only four people said I'm going to have a boy... Well, they would just have to find out later when I have my next ultrasound.
In the past couple of days, I have been feeling my baby move and this miracle continuously makes me smile and thank the Lord that I was fortunate enough to have been given such a wonderful blessing. My only prayer now is that my baby would be healthy... no matter what gender (although Daddy Charlie is saying it's going to be a handsome baby boy, hehehe!).
I guess this would have to do for an update for now, because work is currently beckoning and I have to answer. Hopefully I would be able to return bloghops later and continue with the updates as well!

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