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25 September 2008

How big am I?

I received an e-mail yesterday from my cousin asking me to send him a recent picture because he wants to see how preggy I look already, hahahaha! If I know he just wants to see how big I have become now that I'm on my fifth month! Anyways, the obedient cousin that I am, sent him these pictures:

that's how big I am (taken a couple of weeks ago)

and this one was taken just this morning but I got the haircut last Thursday... I just felt so irritated with my hair that I had to go and have a cut!


Jen said...

congrats on your pregnancy!

been so long since i've been here but that is definitely great news.

i swear you're going to have a girl!

Heidi said...

@ Jen ~ Thanks... You know what if I was taking the poll, those who think that I'm having a girl definitely would be the runaway winner, hehehe!