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24 September 2008

Crib Choices

Lately, I have been looking at different possibilities as to how my baby's room would look like... (I could dream, couldn't I?) And these are a couple of the pictures I saw that I really, really liked.

Hopefully, I'd be able to set up a nursery similar to any of these two by December when we start renovations on our house in Cavite. But if our budget would not permit us to be as lavish as we want to be in setting up our baby's room, I would settle for a portable crib like this.


Ann said...

Graco crib nalang binili namin. Di namin kaya yung wooden crib, isa pa maliit lang kwarto namin, mas maganda na yung natitiklop hehehe.

Sis 21 weeks ka na, ang bilis no? hehehe!

Maeyo said...

I love the second nursery! The colour theme is gorgeous!

We are settling for portable crib kasi medyo lack of space to have a specific for nursery dito eh. Medyo mahal ang accommodation. :) Maganda yang version na nasa picture. Parang hindi ko pa yan nakita dito. :)

Heidi said...

@Maeyo ~ 3 bedrooms kc yung nakuha naming townhouse sa Cavite kya feeling ko pwede naming gawing Nursery yung isang bedroom... Kung kakayanin lang naman ng budget, hehehe!

@Ann ~ Mas convenient nga siguro kung portable crib na lang... hay, I'm still undecided, I'll just have to wait after the baby shower bago ako mag-purchase ng kahit ano for the baby. (Baka sakaling may generous a magbigay ng crib, hehehe!)