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26 September 2008

Going Through the Motions

Lately, I have been very slow in accomplishing work assigned to me. I feel tired and sleepy almost all the time plus the motivation just isn’t there these days. I guess because there are certain factors in the office that prevents me from being fully goaded into doing my best work-wise. Don’t get me wrong I still do the things assigned to me, but compared to what I can probably produce within an hour before… Let’s just say it takes me twice the time to finish a report I would normally accomplish way before the deadline. Nowadays, I would put off facing a certain report or task until I absolutely “have to”. Haay, I just pray that matters would improve in the coming months because I just don’t see myself working here long term anymore… It’s like I’m just going through the motion without really taking things to heart.

I read what I have written and I know I sound like I’m whining for no particular reason but believe me when I say THERE ARE REASONS! I just refuse to enumerate them and specifically pinpoint anything here in this blog because I don’t want to “incriminate” anybody and worsen the situation. Besides, for the moment, I have no other job prospects and intend to stay working here as long as I have to, if only for the monthly income (however low that income is). Times are hard nowadays even with both me and hubby working that I can’t really see us living the way we do now with just him working, specially now that we’ll have a little one to provide for soon. I guess I just have to stick it out here for a while longer…
Be patient, Heidi… There are others who have worse problems than you. And the way thing are now, I don’t think it could get any worse… Things could only be better in the future (however far that future seems right now).

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