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27 September 2008

Mommy and Me

They say a daughter cannot truly appreciate her own mom until she becomes a mom herself. I didn’t really believe this before because I thought I understood what my mom went through to have and take care of me and my siblings. I have always been thankful for having such a patient and self-less mother. My mom worked hard to help provide for us and give us things other children could only dream about. I wouldn’t say my brother and sisters and I had a luxurious childhood but we were very comfortable and didn’t really have to worry about stuff that other children would. My parents very rarely had fights in front of us and I could definitely say we were “blessed” with such a wonderful and happy childhood that we could only hope and pray that we would be able to provide the same for our kids.

For the past several months though (eversince I found out I was pregnant), I noticed a certain closeness my mom and I share… an understanding even deeper than what we shared before. I guess it is true… I appreciate her more… I admire her even more… I just can’t picture myself going through this pregnancy without Mommy. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I didn’t think she was supermom before, but lately I just have realized that there is so much more to being a mom than I thought (and my baby hasn’t even come out yet, hahaha!). I definitely recognize the value of having someone to go to when I need to share something about being pregnant. She doesn’t always have the answers but her presence definitely makes everything bearable. I mean, of course hubby and the rest of the family are supportive and happy and excited and all that but it’s just different when I talk to my mom.

Nowadays, Saturdays or Sundays are usually spent with my mom, either just hanging around their house and being couch potatoes or going to the mall and browsing the shops for baby stuff. She even accompanied me to a prenatal check-up when Charlie was not able to come because of work... Thank you mom... for being the generous person that you are... and for being always available (specially now that she has retired from work) whenever I need to talk to someone who can be both sympathetic and objective as well. I love you mommy!

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