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09 January 2011


Weekends these days aren't really as relaxed... Since I don't have help, I do the laundry on Saturday mornings and attend to Adam the rest of the day. When Adam wasn't walking yet, it was easier, but now that he's really mobile, we very seldom spend it lazing around in the house, enjoying the quiet time. These days, even when we are watching a video of his favorite toons (Pocoyo, Handy Manny & Mickey Mouse Clubhouse), he would say "Mommy, bas tayo" or "Mommy, walk tayo bas". And you have to either keep him busy with something else or succumb to the call of the outside because he wouldn't stop asking. Sunday mornings, I spend ironing my and charlie's uniforms then it's family bonding time once again. But as I watch "my boys" goofing around or just sitting together, I feel like our weekend time together is always "bitin". How I wish I could spend more time with my hubby and son...

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