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15 January 2011

Comfort Food

Saturday morning turned out to be busier than usual... Hubby wasn't able to go to work due to fever and severe headache so before doing my usual Saturday chore, which happens to be tackling the laundry, I cooked breakfast for him first. It's a variation of a recipe I found from Miss Connie's website. This time, I just did the usual omelet instead of "cupcakes".

Then for lunch, I brought hubby to a recent discovery... Sen Lek Thai Noodles. We feasted on steaming hot bowls of Thai noodles before he took his medicines.

And then in the afternoon, as we are about to go shopping for Adam's diapers and stuff, the little boy asked to eat burger amd spaghetti from his favorite fastfood... McDonald's. Of course he had to order spaghetti and burger and also a hot fudge sundae... oh, and fries too! 

All in all, this day has proved to be a day of comfort food for the whole family.

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