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23 January 2011

Family First

I have always envied my friends who are SAHMs, I feel they are able to maximize their quality time with their kids, not to mention be there to witness practically every milestone of their children's life. This is one of my frustrations... not being financially able to quit my job and leave the earning part to my husband. I am very thankful for having a good-paying job and for having a husband who works hard and is very responsible. I am also grateful for having a family who takes care of my little boy while my husband and I work. I am specially appreciative of the blessing that is my son. I just pray that in the future, we would be able to afford to live on my husband's earnings so I could concentrate on being a mother and a housewife. Having said that, I apologize to my former classmates who never tires in inviting me to get-togethers and reunions. Sorry for always declining... It's just that I have very few free time and these precious moments, I really want to spend with my baby. I do have a social life, it's just that they're limited to workout time or after-office "chikahan" over coffee with my friends and co-workers. I have never been an extrovert, even as a teenager, I have always preferred being at home, playing couch-potato or tinkering over an art project. I guess I'm what you'd call a homebody... it's what makes me happy. I don't fit in in crowded, noisy places. I very seldom have the desire to dress up and go to parties and on the rare occassion that I attend an event, I do so just to see and be able to catch up with old friends. This is who I am, I do miss my college buddies, high school barkada and gradeschool friends, but given the choice whether to spend the weekend going to a restaurant to meet former classmates or cozy up with my son, hubby, a DVD movie and a bucket of popcorn... I'd choose the latter.


cheryll said...

Amen to this, Heidi! :)

I felt like it was I doing the writing hehe. Exact na exact e.

Heidi said...

kindred spirits siguro tayo... hehehe!