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18 January 2011

Change of Plans

It's official... we're ditching the party idea for Adam's 2nd Birthday celebration and treating him to a family "field trip" instead... He hasn't been to the Manila Zoo, so we're bringing him there.  And then the whole family is going to eat out wherever we feel like it...  The decision was made last weekend when we found out my youngest sister needed money for school.  I just feel so wasteful to spend the money for a one day affair when someone I love needs it for something that will last her a lifetime.  So, I talked to hubby and we agreed that since, Adam got the big party bash for his 1st Birthday, we're going to celebrate in a more subtle way this year.  This way, I know Adam would be able to appreciate the trip more, plus we'd be able to give my sister a more meaningful gift.  By the way, my sister, Mae, is already in her last year of college and she's celebrating her 19th birthday on the 28th of January!


AiDiSan said...

I so agree with your change of plan decision Sis. What's important is you were able to provide Adam a birthday party on his first birthday and there's always a next time.

Heidi said...

yeah, I keep reminding myself that Adam will appreciate the "field trip" more plus we've already decided on giving him a big party on his 3rd birthday.