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30 January 2011

Adam @ 2 yrs.

Like I've mentioned before, we ditched the big party idea for my son's 2nd birthday.  Instead, I cooked spaghetti and we had cake and ice cream for my baby on the 26th and then we went on a "family day field trip" on the 28th.
The little boy woke up with a smile on his face as we were singing happy birthday to him the night before and he was super excited to blow the candles on his cake.

As soon as the spaghetti was cooked, we dug in right away...

The birthday celebrant ate lots! *syempre spaghetti's one of his favorites these days*

And then Tita Mae, lighted the candles on the birthday boy's cake *notice that the boy is already trying to blow them out even before we finished lighting the candles*
And then of course, we had to help him blow out the candles or they will melt until there's nothing to blow anymore.  But he asked to do it again (light the candles and blow them out) three times.  The only reason he stopped asking to do it over is when we told him it was time to eat the cake!
Oh, and he had to help cutting the cake, because no one's allowed to touch much less to eat the cake if he's not the one serving, hahaha!

It doesn't matter that there was more cake on his chin and cheeks *and on the floor* basta big boy na sya so sya na lang daw kakain on his own.
And after the feeding frenzy, we went to hear mass.

Soon as we stepped back home, he asked for ice cream!

And here's the birthday boy clowning around for the camera.

And here he is again, holding one of his favorite gifts *this one's from me*, a pillow in the image of his new favorite cartoon character, Lightning McQueen.

Note: Pictures and kwento about the field trip to follow.

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AiDiSan said...

happy 2nd birthday to Adam. the chocolate cake of goldilocks is an all time favorite of mine because of the rich and generous chocolate ganache that conmes with it.