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06 January 2011


In 20 days, my son, Adam, is going to turn two years old.  A small celebration is already in the making (and has actually been in the making for about a month already).  But more than the day itself, just the experience of being a mom to this fireball that is my son is quite a day-to-day momentous event.  It really is quite amazing how babies grow so fast and absorb so much information in so little time that you sometimes get breathless when you think about it.  In a blink of an eye, he's already 2!
This talkative and hyperactive boy is the love of my life.  He can be quite a handful at times but I guess that's just normal for kids.  His tantrums sometimes almost brings me to tears and the times he got sick caused my heart to break, but just a smile from him makes it all worthwhile.


cheryll said...

ang bilis lang no? si ethan nga nag-3 na nung dec29! shucks, before I know it mag-aaral na sya hehehe

Heidi said...

Belated happy birthday pala kay Ethan! Grabe nga how time flies, specially when you have active babies like ours, hehehe!

AiDiSan said...

Adam is turning 2 already? How time flies...he look so gwapo, please share more photos of him.

Heidi said...

Yes, like I said, time flies talaga... Naku dont worry, baka mapuno ang blog na ito ng photos ni Adam, pati video, hehehe!