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02 February 2009

Happy Family

I just can't get over the fact that I'm a mom now... I mean I should have been getting used to the idea since I was carrying a huge belly for several months before Adam arrived but it really doesn't hit you until you see your baby face to face and get to experience his day to day activities.  Granted a week-old baby doesn't have that much activity to talk about but its the everyday experience of being with him and seeing him open his eyes or smile in his sleep or cry or even the mundane tasks of changing his diapers or giving him milk that would really make one realize... I'm a mom!
Anyway, here are more pictures of us at the hospital: we were about to go home from the hospital:
...and our first days at home (my parents' home):

Indeed, I can say that Charlie and I now have a happy family... despite his protests that he would be happier with a couple more kids! Ngek!  The memory of labor pains are still too fresh to even think that I would go through all that again...  Yes, Charles Adam is worth all that, but for now... This happy family is content.

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AiDiSan said...

Hello Sis,

haven't visited your blog for quite sometime now and i was a bit surprised but more glad to see your little Adam. he's such a little angel.

enjoy your little bundle of joy dahil mabilis lumaki mga babies.

take care and kiss little adam for me.