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27 February 2009

Adam turns 1 month old

Time really flies when your having fun... Yesterday my baby is one month old. The fact that I already have a baby has hardly sunk in and yet here he is, my adorable little treasure. Next thing you know my maternity leave would expire and I would have to go back to work na... I still can't imagine leaving my precious baby every morning and not see him again until around 6pm but I know things will work out. So how did we celebrate Adam's 1st month? Well since hubby had overtime work, we celebrated it late at night - around 11pm na with just a simple late dinner and with hubby and I blowing a single candle on an icing-topped cupcake I bought earlier. (Too bad we don't have pictures kasi in all the excitement we forgot na).

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Facts About Adam

  • He would always calm down (even during a loud cry) whenever I sing "The Alphabet Song" to him (only me, kasi my mom and sister tried singing it to him pero he kept on crying, hehehe!)
  • He can drink up to 3 ounces of milk every two hours now
  • He can already hold his two-ounce bottle while feeding
  • He becomes beet red when he cries or gets irritated
  • He smiles a lot during the early mornings specially after his 4am feeding and even coos at you when you talk to him

A Youre Adorable - Unknown

1 comment:

AiDiSan said...

wow bilis talaga ng panahon, he's 1month old na.

3 ounces of milk every 2 hours? malakas sya dumede Sis, mabilis din sya lalaki nyan.