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08 February 2009

Sleepless in Sucat

Adam is now 13 days old and we have been staying at my parents house eversince we came home from the hospital.  I have heard warnings and all kinds of advice about the sleeping habits of a newborn but I didn't really think much about it until now... It really does take a toll on you after several days... the erratic sleeping habits of your newborn, I mean.  Most of the time, mornings and afternoons are peaceful enough and are quite manageable but its the late nights and early mornings that are quite taxing.  I mean, just when you think he's finally going back to sleep, he fusses again or demands another feeding.  Oh, but I'm not complaining though, I am totally ok with this if only to see my little boy smile or hear him coo...
I have also learned to heed the advice of most mothers to take advantage of his sleeping time and make it an opportunity to catch up on some Zzzs myself.  I also try to stay vigilant in the late evenings and early mornings when Adam oftentimes make a fuss because I don't want to disturb my mom and dad so much and wake them unneccesarily.  But that's also a challenge since my Dad is super in love with Adam (my dad calls him "Tutoy") and every tiny noise Adam makes would cause my Dad to pick him up or tell me to feed him even when I know he's still full, hehehe, grandparents talaga!

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cheryll said...

ei, mommy heidi :) cute cute naman ni adam at ang peaceful nyang tingnan hehe. si ethan kasi, para nang trumpo...walang kapaguran. hehe.

btw, i was about to publish ur comment dun sa blog ko kaso di ko alam kung anong nangyari biglang nawala!!! huhuhu. di ko man lang nabasa :( baka naman tanda mo pa, pwedeng paki-share ulit? hehehe.

ingat lagi...