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16 February 2009


These past few days has been a flurry of events making it uber difficult for me to find time to sit still and write about it here, but let me try to recap some of them as best as i can:
Feb. 8 was the day Adam's belly button stump fell off and so the next day, I was able to give him a full bath.  Slightly scary for me because it's a first but we were able to conquer that challenge quite well naman with the help of my sister, Hazelle.  Also, the same day I gave my baby boy his first full bath (Feb. 9) I was able to clip his nails for the first time.  But I still put mittens on his hands until now kasi his nails are still quite sharp and I don't want him to scratch his face.
Feb. 14 was Adam's first trip to his Pediatrician.  Yes, Valentine's day, I had a date with my son to his pedia.  Dr. Ong was so surprised to see Adam again (he's my boy's pedia na kasi when I gave birth).  His first question was "what have you been feeding him?" Ha?! As if I could feed him anything but milk na... It wasn't super obvious to me kasi how my son has grown in the past 3 weeks because he's with me everytime but for someone like his Pedia who hasn't seen him since he was 3 days old, Adam's growth is more pronounced.  My baby now weighs 8.9 lbs. and has grown to 52 cm. in length.  "Very good!" according to Dr. Ong.  Wow, buti naman my baby's growing well... my only frustration is that I am not able to breastfeed him.  I give him milk that I pump from my breasts once a day lang kasi I only get a couple of ounces of milk from me tapos the rest of the day I feed him milk formula na that was initially given to him in the hospital.  Anyway, it's the first time Charlie and I didn't celebrate Valentine's Day with a date or special home-cooked dinner man lang but he still gave me a cute flower arrangement with a teddy bear naman when he came home from work.
Feb. 15 was the day my nephew Ethan Lebron E. Mediante was baptized and so it was the first time Adam was able to attend a family gathering.  Actually, hesitant pa ako to bring Adam kasi nga di pa siya nabinyagan but my cousins and Aunts were insistent that I bring Charles Adam to Ethan's baptism since the reception naman is going to be at my Aunt's house so Adam isn't really making unnecessary gala.
Anyways, Adam was quite a good boy sa mga "outings" namin.  Unfortunately, he was specially cranky the past couple of nights kasi he was asleep the whole day.  Everytime we are in the car kasi kahit di pa time for him to sleep, he falls asleep na so pagdating sa house ayaw na niya mag-sleep.  Hay naku after his pedia visit 4am na kami nakatulog kasi iyak siya ng iyak.  Tapos last night naman 3am na kasi ganun din... he doesn't want to sleep yet.  Buti na lang ngayon dito lang kami sa haws kaso naman super init today so he's making a bit of a fuss din.  Sana lang di na siya irritable later.

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AiDiSan said...

hello heidi,

so happy to see little Adam grows fast & healthy. so happy to see too how much you enjoy entails a lot of challenges as you go along but i'm pretty sure you will all conquer it the same way you did when you first bathe your little angel.

belated happy V Day!