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18 February 2009

Halo-Halong Kwento

Ok... so, a couple of days ago I was bragging about my son's smilestones and then the same day that that post was published we had a little scare with Adam. Around 8pm of Feb.16 as Charlie was carrying Adam, he noticed the little boy was looking up earnestly as if trying to follow something way beyond the reach of his line of vision and so his neck was slowly stiffening and his whole body bending because he was arching his back. Hubby and I thought he was just stretching or something and then when his eyes started to cross and no amount of calling him and trying to divert his attention was working we started to panic already. Buti na lang my parents were there... the next events were kinda blurry na basta before we got to the point of rushing him to the nearest hospital, Adam calmed down na and when we checked for his temperature it was only 37.4 naman so we just applied kool fever on his forehead and I called his pediatrician to ask if we should give him something. Dr. Ong replied naman that we should just monitor his fever and give him paracetamol drops (0.3 ml) every 4 hours until his temperature goes down to normal. And so hubby and I together with my parents started our vigil with the little boy. His normal demands for feeding wasn't there and so we had to wake him up every 3 hours pa for his milk pero he would feed heartily naman when offered. Buti na lang dito pa kami sa parents ko, otherwise Charlie and I wouldn't have known what to do. Now the little boy is back to normal, feeding every two hours nanaman instead of three...

~ * ~

On a lighter note... I was fortunate enough to have been included in the top 20 list of the "My Shopaholic Confession" post for Nuffnang, unfortunately I wasn't able to attend the awarding because Adam was sick nga... but anyways, congratulations to all the winners and I hope you had fun... I'll just have to watch the movie with hubby later.

~ * ~

Have you noticed how hot the weather is getting lately? Anyways, I was thinking sana of a garden venue for Adam's baptism reception pero if the weather is going to be hotter than this by March, I'd have to scratch that plan and go with an airconditioned venue instead. I have started making the layout for the invitations already and I already know what the giveaways would be... The list of Ninongs and Ninangs is incomplete pa (di pa decided si hubby dun sa final list nya kasi!) but we have already inquired sa church and we're just awaiting the release of his birth certificate on the 28th.

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Mec said...

naku ganda... better think air conditioning na for the baptism :) unless you can bear the heat ha... i doubt it would get cool again anytime soon!