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03 March 2009

Going Home

Tomorrow, Adam and I are going home... Charlie has finally declared he has less overtime work from tomorrow onwards and so he'll have more time to bond with Adam when he gets home, that's why we have decided that it's about time we go home to our apartment.  It will also serve as our practice for when I go back to work.  The plan is that I will bring Adam to my parents house in the early morning before going to work and fetch him from there after office.  I am crossing my fingers that this plan would work because we don't have a nanny for Adam yet.
My going home means even lesser updates for this blog because I would have to dedicate more time to Adam and my mom and sisters wouldn't be there to look after Adam while I go online.  Besides, I only have a prepaid internet connection at home and I doubt I will remember to reload...
So to my readers (if there are any)... please bear with me and expect more updates from March 20 onwards because by that time I would be able to access my blog more often (during lunch and coffee breaks) at the office.

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Court said...

Good luck with the transition and figuring it all out. (We keep rewriting our plans, originally my Mil was going to watch her but hubby has been staying home w/her now) Sometimes I think working is rewarding othertimes I want to quit and be around her all the time. It's hard having toes in both ponds for sure.