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20 February 2008

What's Up?

My last post has been a hopeful one about the team I was routing for in Amazing Race Asia Season 2... unfortunately, Mark & Rovilson didn't win the grand prize... anyway, I am still proud of them for reaching that far. As for my whereabaouts since then...

Valentine's Day was celebrated with a romantic, at home dinner with hubby... nothing fancy, I just cooked chicken and chips, because he liked it so much when I cooked it for new year. Besides, It wasn't really a day to celebrate, I was not able to go to work because I was suffering from dysmennorhea plus I had a slight fever. Charlie gave me this:

(picture taken with my cellphone since my digital camera was borrowed by my sister)
And then after dinner we watched Amazing Race Asia together spent the rest of the night talking and reminiscing about our past valentines together...

Friday, Feb. 15, Charlie left for Ilocos to visit his parents over the weekend. Still, I wasn't able to go to work because I had to do last minute errands for Charlie before he left that night.

The weekend was spent at home doing chores while I was kept company by my youngest sister, Mae, my 6 year old cousin, Nene and my Dad.

Yesterday, Charlie came home with lots of pasalubong from cousins, Aunts and Uncles in Ilocos... We feasted on Bagnet and fresh vegetables which were gifts of our Ninong based there... and while watching TV, we munched on chichacorn which Charlie bought in Vigan.

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