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25 February 2008

It's a Holiday!

Ok, so maybe there are going to be people who would say "she doesn't even care why it's a holiday today"... I know, I know.... It's in commemoration of EDSA and all that, but I am so trying to make this blog apolitical that I don't even wanna go there... (not EDSA, just not touch that subject)...

So, having said that... Yey! I'm so glad it's a holiday! First of all there's more time for me to tinker on my blog, plus I don't feel I didn't get any rest at all this weekend because, Well... I have an extra day after accomplishing my usual weekend chores! BUT, I have this one tiny dilemma. I just found out that I have to buy an i.LINK cable because I wouldn't be able to download the video I took using our handycam if I didn't... yikes! I knew I should have used the memory stick! But I wanted to take longer videos (I had pictures and other stuff saved in the memory stick that I didn't have the time to browse over and purge beforehand) and I didn't read the instructions before I did what I did so there! I don't want to leave the comforts of our home so I'll have to do that some other day. Besides, I have an AVP to finish for my godchild's birthday coming up, and once I sit in front of my PC to start editing that, I'm sure to lose track of the time. Oh, and also I have been eyeing digital cameras everytime I go to the mall and I promised my husband I wouldn't buy new gadgets for a while so I have to practice a little restraint on myself. It's not that I have a shortage on gadgets and stuff, but I am constantly on the lookout for something better, something shiny and new, hehehe! I know, I have an addiction... "Hello, I'm Heidi Yadao, I'm a shopaholic!" *LOL* Oh, and it's not even just gadgets, I also like shopping for clothes, shoes, makeup (that I don't use), and home decors! It's gotten to a point when my husband had to limit our malling time to the utmost "we really, really have to go" so I wouldn't get tempted to buy new stuff. Now I'm talking jibberish again, and blabbed on and on... What was the topic again? Oh yeah, today's a holiday and I have more time to write this post, which isn't always good because I don't always make sense or get the point through... but... I don't really have a point, except, I'm happy that today's a day to relax and do whatever I want to do. STOP! Before I launch myself into another paragraph of nonsense. I will pour my creative juices now into the AVP making and maybe even post it here (after the event, of course) and maybe do a couple of digiscrap layouts. ;-)

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