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23 February 2008

Desperately Depressed

A couple of hours ago got a text message from a friend whom I haven't heard from in quite a while. She was asking us (I'm guessing she texted most of the people listed in her phonebook) to pray for her as she was just recently diagnosed with Stage 4 Ovarian Cancer. I called her right away not even thinking first of what I was going to say... what words would ease the pain of a mother trying to fight for her life so she could watch her child grow for a bit longer.

As her soft, always cheery voice reached me, I could not talk for a moment. What was I going to say? "Hello, How are you?" seems to be inappropriate. She broke the momentary silence by saying "Heidi, I know... Thank you for calling me..." And so we launched into a 30-minute long conversation about her bout with her illness and how very sudden the events were and how she didn't feel sick at all until her doctor told her and how she would not even know if she didn't go for a check-up due to a suspicion of being pregnant again. What was supposed to have been a wonderful surprise turned out to be a series of nightmares. And here I was envying her just a couple of months ago when I received an invitation for her daughter's second birthday party. I was thinking... we got married almost at the same time, and now her daughter is turning two while I still have yet to conceive...

I know that people cannot even begin to understand the innerworkings of God's reasons for these things happening in one's life. Or what good it would bring us but I will not question God's plan, I will not even bring myself to think that this is unfair because, I have long understood that life IS not always fair, but fate has a way of showing us that eventually, something good is going to come out of every disaster, something nice will be born from mistakes and something great would be revealed from the worst packages. So when my friend told me that she was "desperately depressed" I told her, well then... expect wonderful miracles because nothing is impossible with a handful of faith and a lifetime of being good. So to you, my friend... know that you will always have friends to hold your hand in times of need, a family and a wonderful husband to stand beside you even if worse comes to worst and your daughter to always remind us that miracles do happen every single day!

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