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03 December 2007

Manic Monday

When I woke up this morning, this was the first thing that came to mind... "It's just another manic Monday, I wish it was Sunday, 'Cause that's my funday, My I don't have to runday, It's just another manic Monday ..." as the song by The Bangles goes...

Well at least there's always the thought of Friday...

(Sigh... Sigh...)
Anyways, here's what's been happening eversince my last post:

November 27: Charlie got sick so he wasn't able to go to work, I wanted to bring him to a clinic to get a prescription but he said it's just his tonsils that was aching that's why he had fever so he just took the usual medication he takes when he has tonsilitis. (Men! Why can't they just admit it when they need to consult a real doctor?!)

November 28: I wasn't able to go to work as well because Charlie's fever won't go down and I decided to bring him to a clinic against his wishes. The doctor prescribed him with new medications and by afternoon he was feeling a bit better (Hmp, should've gone to the doctor in the first place, right?) Anyways, the rest of the afternoon I spent finishing the AVP that was due tomorrow for my Aunt's retirement tribute.

November 29: Still wasn't able to go to work because there were certain matters I had to attend to with regards to my Aunt's tribute, hey after this I'm thinking of doing this as another sideline... Anyways, my aunt's tribute went smoothly enough and Charlie was finally getting better (I was worried there for a time because he very rarely absents himself from work even if he feels a little under the wheather so I know he really felt sick that he called in sick.) BTW good thing I went home early from Makati where I set up the AVP or I would have been caught in the traffic caused by the Manila Peninula seige.

November 30: I was supposed to attend a team-building seminar at Cardona, Rizal but asked to be excused because I had to get another TVU which went well enough, now my OB is saying things are finally looking up for us in the conceiving department... hmmm... maybe... let's keep our fingers crossed...

December 1: Just stayed home all day while Charlie went to work.... finally finished putting up the christmas lights and decorations.

December 2: The usual sunday stuff... church, laundry, ironing of clothes, csi supreme sunday, foot spa...

Today: It's back to the salt mines for us! Just please, please let the work be just work and no more side stuff!

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