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26 November 2007

Monday Madness

I came to work a bit late today because I still feel queasy (eversince friday, I feel nauseous almost all the time) and found a montain of paperwork to be accomplished and reports to be done due tomorrow! Why does my always start this way? It's not as if I don't do the work assigned to me on time... it's just that work keeps piling up because I do all the work alone in a department that's supposed to consist of three people at the very least! I cannot help but whine about stuff like these because I always feel stressed and pressed for time. I really hope the staffing pattern for our office be enforced already because I don't know until when I would be able to endure this much work pressure. Specially now that I am not feeling well...

And now there are a lot of office intrigues and gossip going around and they are just irritating! It's not that I'm the one being gossiped about but it's just so frustrating to think that these people have spare time to gossip and cause intrigues about our co-workers when there are others, like me, who work almost non-stop! Well, I guess in an organization there are always certain factors that you cannot control and would definitely dampen your spirits but I really pray that things would work out without people getting hurt.

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