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17 December 2007

Innocent Life

I spent most of my time over the weekend playing Harvest Moon Innocent Life... I have always liked playing Harvest Moon from the time I started playing it on Gameboy Advance. I even had one in my mobile phone before. And at home, in my pc, I had HM in project 64 format. And after finishing the girl game in Back to Nature for PSP, I decided (despite the numerous negative comments from my friends and the ones I read in forums about the Innocent Life version) to try playing it and sure enough I couldnt put the PSP down... Charlie keeps saying that he's going to hide the PSP or the memory stick containing the game (hehehe!). Anyway, I really like it. I also like the plot although I miss the courtin part of the game in the previous HM versions, but there are a lot of new things in Innocent Life, like the cute buggy that the lead character gets as a reward from his "creator" when he is able to open certain portals. There's more area to be explored also plus you get both a dog and a cat as pets. I better stop before I go on and on about this game... I'll probably write more when I finish the game already but as for now, I can't wait for the clock to hit 5pm so I could go home and play again.

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