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13 December 2007

`Tis The Season...

It's been a while so just bare with me and the long post up ahead...

Over the Weekend: I did a multitude of chores around the house, so much in fact that by Sunday afternoon I was like a gadget nearing its "battery empty" stage with no charger in sight! Yikes! I know some may say that I am over-dramatizing this but hey, I'm just human and to tell you the truth up to the time when I got married I was not used to doing everything on my own... I lived with my parents and although I knew how to do most house chores I was not obligated to do anything at all! So just imagine the major adjustment I have to endure whenever I go home tired from work and stressed with all the office happenings but still find myself at the beginning of a list of things to do, this time at home. Anyways, I'm not really complaining even though it might sound that way... I'm just... well.... just airing out my feelings, that's all! In fact all this independence and being responsible for a lot of things it's just a bit overwhelming at times specially over this weekend when Charlie had to go on uber overtime at work which meant I had to do ALL the weekend chores on my own. Some may ask, why not get a maid or something, but when we start contemplating on getting one the cons outweigh the pros of getting a househelp so we'll just have to endure this period of adjustment and maybe eventually not be so bothered with the endless chores we have to do (either that or eventually succumb to the urge of finding a maid!).

Monday until yesterday (Wednesday): I was not able to go to work, I woke up early morning feeling nauseous and dizzy. After a trip to the comfort room and a splash of water on my face, I checked my temperature and found it at 38.9 degrees so hubby declared that I was not to go to work and just stay at home and rest. By the middle to the day our neighbor brought me congee and a huge can of juice. Apparently Charlie asked them to look in on me from time to time because he could not NOT go to work that day and he was worried about leaving me alone, sick. I was feeling a bit better the next day (Tuesday) but decided still not to go to work to avoid relapse or something, besides I was still feeling a bit queesy. By Wednesday I was feeling a lot like my usual self already but hubby insisted that I still take time off to rest so still, I did not go to work but by noon, I was already feeling restless and bored. I even made several phone calls to my mom (It was her birthday yesterday, her 60th) asking her if she wanted me to go with her somewhere but she said I should rest and that she didn't really want to make such a big deal out of her birthday so I said ok we were just going to have to celebrate some other time (in fact I am already planning a big retirement celebration for her come March, shush! it's still a secret, hehehe!) Anyways, I ended up changing the curtains and beddings in our room instead because, well... I was bored! Besides I rationalized to myself that it's time to change the beddings anyway because I got sick there and whatever virus that I got sick from must have infected the beddings thus the need for change, hehehe! Plus I disenfected the whole bedroom... by late afternoon our room smelled faintly of a hospital with all the disinfectant I used but then it looked immaculately clean and organized that I felt good and treated myself to a yellowcab pizza delivery, which I shared with our neighbor, also as sign of thanks for being there when I was sick.

Now: Here I am back at work, a mountain of paperwork waiting to be organized and filed but decided to post this first before tackling the major workload that I have to finish today. I'm a renegade, I know... but what can I do, I just feel that it's a travesty that at a time when there are twinkling lights in the hallways and wreaths and lanterns on the office windows and doors, it is definitely not the season for paperwork... `tis the season for cheerful parties, wrapping presents and exchanging smiles and stories with people you have not talked to or seen in a long time.

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