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13 December 2007

Be a Smarty, Join Smorty!

In the blogging world, there are many opportunities that are being presented to you and its just up to you to choose which ones to accept and be part of and which ones you think is not suitable for you. It is a well known fact that a lot of bloggers has converted their blogs from personal ones to gain additional income and one of the more popular ways to do so is when one advertise on blogs. Smorty is a service connecting such advertisers with us bloggers, and fairly recently I have joined the bandwagon. Yes folks, if you want more opportunities to be presented to you then you should do so too! Smorty is very easy to use, all you need to do is register and voila! The doors to blog advertising will be opened as soon as your blog gets approved. You will be offered numerous prospects and the earning limit is only that of which you set for yourself. So if you’re like me, who wants extra income, this is the chance to do so. Join Smorty and be welcomed to the world of getting paid for blogging. You write about lots of stuff anyway, so why not earn while doing so?

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