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13 December 2007

Ronito Ronita

Bloggers unite! It is the season for giving and what better way to celebrate such a joyous occassion than to partake in a "ronito-ronita"? Juliana tagged me with this and I cannot contain my excitement over it... for my fellow n@wies I think you are familiar with this as this is a yearly activity from N@W only this is purely via the net. Just remember to reply to the tag before the 16th of December.

Here's How to Join:

[1] Fill out and submit the details of this form.
[2]Copy and post the rules to your blog. Include the “backward list” (a record of how the tag reached you) and add your name.
[3] Recruit for participants. Be sure to get their consent.

Should they agree to join, add them to your “forward list” (bloggers you’ve convinced to join).

Remind them to do item #1.

** Participants will be accepted until December 16 (Phil. time) only. On December 17, the organizer will email to you the details of your Ronito/Ronita. Send him/her a Christmas greeting via E-cards preferably on December 25.

Should time be a constraint, you can send it earlier.

I'm tagging Anne, Thet, Che, Mec, Raquel, Kathy, Meng, Toni, Mhay and Chi. If someone else tagged you already then it's ok, so long as you're part of it already... Merry Christmas!

edited today (December 14, 2007) to include My Backwards Link List: iRonnie, Jeff, Thess, GBex, Liza, Liza 2, Rems, Eds, Abie, Jhona, Mich, Diane, Ideal Pink Rose, Juliana, Heidi

-add your name here: Heidi


Raquel said...

Hi Heidi, thank you for including my name ha. Tapos na ako nito but don't worry sinali ko nalang ang name mo dito para ma link din kita.

iRonnie said...

hi heidi! thanks for joining. kindly copy juliana's backward link list also. thanks.

Heidi said...

no prob raquel! oh, and yes ronnie, will do... but maybe tomorrow, hehehe, sorry i didn't get that part but i promise to edit tomorrow.