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17 November 2007

Back from Baguio

I arrived at around 10pm last night from a three-day seminar in Baguio... Now I feel so tired, and I took extra vitamin C supplements because I feel a bout of colds coming. I must tell you that I have been to Baguio several times before already and I've stayed at Teacher's Camp several times already also but this is the worst experience I've had visiting Baguio and Teachers' Camp. First, the room that we were assigned didn't have a comfort room of it's own so we had to share a common CR and shower stalls with almost a hundred other participants. And then the room also didn't have a single electrical socket so we had to go out to the hallway and plug our cellphone chargers there and stand there waiting or sit on the floor of the hallway or leave our phone there for anyone to see and get! In the morning I had to wake up super early so I would be able to take a shower because like I said we had to share 6 shower stalls with many others, and if you're late in taking a shower you would experience very little water supply or none at all and you have to wait several minutes for them to replenish their water in their tanks or something to get water again. But what's worse is there is not a hint of a heating system for the water so you end up taking a shower with freezing cold water! Haaay, I don't mind that so much because I like getting cold showers (although normally not that cold) but most of the participants are already middle-aged and some are even as old as my Mom so you can just imagine their agony in having to endure the cold weather as well as the cold showers as well! And then the overflowing number of participants rendered the dining hall jam-packed! If you were one of those people who walks slowly then you would have to endure the long lines queued to have breakfast, lunch or dinner. And if you're one of the really, really unlucky ones, after lining up and waiting for a long time you end up with a different, less tasty, hastily prepared make-do of a meal because the supply of the meal that the earlier diners were served has already been consumed. Haay, naku! And as if matters weren't bad enough... it rained, and rained, and rained... the 2nd day of the seminar granted us rains that made it even harder for us to enjoy Baguio. It's a good thing that the last day was a bit more cheerful because we were blessed with sunny weather and the organizers decided to fast-track the last topics so we could go home early. I am not blaming anyone though, this is just a typical rant, stating my dilemma about the situation... I know that Teacher's Camp is under a lot of renovation now and that the unexpected influx of participants gave the organizers of the seminar a situation where they had to make-do with a lot of things, but hey... I'm entitled to whine a little, right?

I still like Baguio though, I love the weather and I like seeing flowers bloom all around you so I would still come back and bring my hubby there (who is from Ilocos Sur, a stone's throw away from Baguio, but he has never been thre) this January... I would just have to make sure that we would have better accomodations and we would be able to enjoy the scenery and the weather! Anyways, I'm here now... home, safe and devoid of pasalubong because we werent able to go out and scout for the usual things we buy from Baguio, but there's still January...

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